Chicken Nuggets… White Chicken Dreams?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Chicken nuggets… Well, that’s not all true.  I love certain kinds of chicken nuggets. For instance, I could stand to eat McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, and even Burger king’s ridiculous idea of Chicken fries (not to be confused with chicken nuggets). But seriously how much is that is even real chicken?

McDonald’s certainly not… hmm… Chick-fil-a and maybe even Wendy’s. just maybe that might be real chicken, but I’m not posting on whether it’s real or not.

I have a friend who all he eats is frozen chicken nuggets (Tyson’s I believe) and regular (fast food) chicken nuggets. And he does just fine. I blame it on his 21-year-old metabolism. Now, his girlfriend admits that she’s picked up his horrible  contemptible eating habits and as a result has gained more than a few pounds. (I blame that on the decrease in metabolism) 

I said this all to say; that reading an article on one of my favorite sites (Food Network; if you haven’t been following) and it was about Chicken Nuggets.

The article touches on how maybe chicken nuggets paired with a salad could be a healthier choice to balance out the sodium and fat that is from them. It also discusses how frozen and fast food chicken nuggets aren’t as good for you as homemade chicken nuggets are (Everything is better when it’s homemade in my opinion—- ooh, another post indeed.)

Overall, the article talks about having WWAAYYY too many ingredients in it too list. Which makes me wonder how many people even read or care to know how their processed, or fast food is even made?

To Read the Article, Click Here.

“I have Bad News” Cartoon


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